What makes SDN a better choice?



It has become a common practice nowadays by dog food companies to add fillers made from plants and animal by-products in their formulation to provide additional bulk. Sadly, these fillers tend to give our dogs very minimal to zero nutrients; hence, we opted out of this cheap profit-driving trick in our SDN formulation.


Rather than adding in plant-based protein sources (soya and gluten) and hard-to-digest starch products, SDN carries an all-animal protein formulation. That whopping 42% protein content in our dog food is comprised of three different animal-based protein sources; beef, pork, and poultry meals.


SDN only contains two plant-based ingredients to give way for a more protein-rich formula. The Yucca schidigera, more commonly known as the Spanish Dagger or Mojave Yucca, reduces fecal odor. Meanwhile, a minimal amount of ground rice in SDN is needed to keep the kibbles together and to hold their shape and structure.


The use of chemical preservatives is a common practice to lengthen the shelf life of dog foods. However, after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to use a natural antioxidant in the form of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) to keep the SDN fresh and extend its storage life for up to one year.


About SDN

Super dog nutrition: Backstory

Dr. Abel Manalo has been in the dog breeding business for years and has already witnessed and used his fair share of commercial dog food options during the early years of his business. However, unsatisfied with the different local and imported brands available in the market and discouraged with all the hassle and cons of feeding dogs with raw animal material, he decided to come up with a better diet option. With the aid of the Manalo K9 Team, Dr. Abel formulated and created Superdog Nutrition, a protein-rich dog food capable of providing a balanced diet for all dog breeds of all ages.

SDN was based on the understanding that all dogs belong to the species Canis lupus, though under a "subspecies" C. l. familiaris, and are therefore primarily carnivorous by nature (animal-eaters). However, due to the domestication and humanizing of dogs throughout history, the common misconception that high-protein diets are bad for dogs has become a trend.

Armed with the primary goal of correcting this misconception at the same time giving dogs what they deserve, SDN was formulated by incorporating high-quality organic ingredients, the bulk portion of which is made of protein (pork, beef, & poultry meals), creating a complete, well-balanced and nutritious diet minus the unnecessary fillers that most dog foods have today.




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Rather than opting for the typical cheap formulation that is budget-friendly to the company but inefficient and costly for our clients, we stood firm in the belief that giving the best food to dogs now is a more economical option in the long run. And, we were right! The well-balanced nutritional benefits that SDN gives to dogs allowed them to create a very healthy and solid physiological foundation enabling them to perform in top shape. With this, the risk of various health conditions is minimized, which cuts down the additional budget used for supplements and emergency veterinary visits. Overall, maintenance of your pet dogs becomes easier, manageable, and money-saving.

To provide the best quality possible, the animal meal products used for SDN production are sourced and flown directly from New Zealand, a country famed for producing world-class meat products. The fresh ingredients are then immediately prepared in our processing factory upon arrival. And, they are quickly shipped out after production for distribution to our distributors and dealers located in various provinces all over the country. This fast-paced production to distribution system ensures that all of our SDN arrive at your doors freshly made, avoiding the usual problems faced when you feed your dogs old batches that have been stored for long periods.

  • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM - The tocopherol content of SDN is an antioxidant more commonly known as Vitamin E and is responsible for boosting your dog's immune system. Plus, it aids in preventing cellular damage and blood clots in the body.
  • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS - Dogs are very active animals; hence we've provided them with a super combo of protein, fats, and carbohydrates that will increase their energy levels, preventing lethargy.
  • HEALTHY MUSCLE AND TISSUE GROWTH - The high-protein combination of beef, pork, and chicken provides large amounts of amino acids for dogs needed for cell, tissue, and muscle growth and repair.
  • MAXIMIZED NUTRIENT ABSORPTION - Dogs need an optimal amount of fiber essential for their body to maximize the digestion and usage of nutrients every time they eat. This allows minimal to zero nutrient wastage.
  • MAINTAIN A HEALTHY COAT - To avoid severe fur shedding and bald spots, it's essential to provide your dogs with an optimum mixture of omega-rich fats and protein, a duo combination that we've formulated along with SDN. These components also keep your dog's coat shiny and healthy.
  • GOOD DIGESTION - SDN is jam-packed with a healthy dose of Probiotics, essential in aiding your dogs’ digestion process and keeping their tummy fit and happy. It prevents your dogs from suffering from diarrhea and consequently improves their stool quality.